At your event, we film with multiple cameras simultaneously. We record the audio separately in pristine quality stereo and then synchronise audio and video and create a final edit.  The end result is bound to be a perfectly faithful reproduction of your performance.  That's why our approach works so well with orchestras, big bands and smaller outfits.  You get a professional result and a faithful recording of your gig.





We can provide DVDs of complete performances or make indivdual track promotional videos recorded in 1080P HD.  We can even design your website, taking care of all aspects of your online presence including photography, social networking and more.

If you are interested in preserving your concert, providing your audience with a permanent record of your event, or simply want to get a really good quality promotional video then contact us now.

Musician's promotional videos are a major part of our work.  We can provide studio facilities, remarkable settings, sound and HD video.  All you need is your skill and your performance.  We provide everything else, from bespoke websites to high quality streaming media or DVD, to banners and other print materials.  Get in touch to discuss your exact requirements.

Everyone has different requirements, why not contact us so we can help you develop exactly what you need?  From cutting edge graphics to pristine quality film and audio, we work with you to realise your vision and reach your target audience.  It's just a click away...

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